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We are offering an exclusive opportunity to join The Creative Easel Inner Circle at a heavily discounted rate of just $40 be a founding star. The Creative Easel Inner Circle is an exclusive mastermind group crafted for passionate paint party business owners. By being apart of the Inner circle you will have access to an extensive catalog at the Creative Easel of ready-made paintings and crafts is just the beginning. As a member, you'll benefit from Weekly Zoom Meetings where we'll dive deep into strategies for success. Included in your membership is full training's on hosting large ceramic events and mastering the art of self-promotion. (If you have taken the course before, this Inner Circle is MUCH more than the previous training, its continuous support.). Each weekly zoom meeting will help you cultivate your 6-figure mindset.


Whats included?

Your Inner Circle membership includes:


Full Trainings: Delve into the world of painting with our comprehensive courses, including Painting with Princesses, The Paint Splatter Course, and Large Ceramic Events. These resources are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to take your paint party business to new heights.

Access to the Creative Easel Paint Party Membership

Weekly Zoom Meetings: Connect with fellow Inner Circle members to mastermind and strategize for your current business endeavors. These sessions offer invaluable insights and support to help you succeed.By joining The Creative Easel Inner Circle, you're not only securing access to a wealth of resources but also positioning yourself for success in the paint party industry. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your business to new horizons.


. Your membership to the Inner Circle and inclusion in The Creative Easel Painting Group will be automatically activated upon registration.

The Creative Easel Inner Circle Membership

Price Options
Inner Circle Members
The Creative Easel Membership
$47.00every month until canceled
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