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Weekly Check-In - (Weekly Zooms! Mondays at 9 PM EST/ 6 PM PS)

Let's dive into goal setting together! Each week, we'll gather for accountability check-ins to review our progress, discuss what we've accomplished, and outline what's next on our lists.

Did you know? Simply setting a goal increases your chances of success by 6-8%, but writing it down amplifies those odds to a remarkable 25-30%.

Here's the golden opportunity: By fostering accountability within our group, we can significantly enhance performance. Research indicates that publicly sharing goals boosts success rates to approximately 65%. Yet, having a dedicated accountability partner catapults that probability to an impressive 95%.

Together, let's aim for the gold and watch our achievements soar!

A Mastermind Group for Paint Party Business Owners who want to take their business to the next level.

Paint party business owners are uncovering the remarkable advantages of becoming part of The Creative Easel Inner Circle, a supportive community crafted for those committed to advancing their enterprises. This exclusive circle caters to individuals with a genuine drive to achieve new heights of success in the paint party industry, setting sights on six-figure or higher income objectives. Membership offers an array of benefits, from invaluable industry insights and trends to opportunities for connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs. The Creative Easel Inner Circle encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mentorship, equipping members with the tools and expertise needed to excel in a competitive market, broaden their influence, and turn their financial aspirations into reality within the realm of paint party businesses. Come join us, and together, let's paint a pathway to success!

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Earnings Disclaimer:

Rare Bird Art Studio wants to emphasize that while we offer resources, guidance, and support to aid you in your pursuits, we cannot assure any particular level of earnings or profits. Your success hinges on several factors including your dedication, abilities, and prevailing market conditions, which lie beyond our influence. Any earnings or income examples provided are for illustration purposes only and should not be considered typical. Your personal outcomes may differ, and we urge you to exercise caution and make informed choices based on your unique circumstances.

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