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Join Lori for an enchanting 2-Day Online Spring Paint Party set for February 20th & 21st at 6 pm CST, and the best part?

Replays will be at your fingertips!


🎨 Prepare to tap into your inner artist and create not just one, but two splendid spring-themed artworks during this online workshop.


🖌️ Whether you're a seasoned artist or just taking your first steps into the world of creativity, everyone is invited to be part of this joyful experience!


🎨 We'll be your artistic companions, guiding you through each stroke, ensuring you have a blast crafting art that you'll be eager to share with your nearest and dearest.


Here's what's in store for you:


✴️ Lori will lead a live session, demonstrating how to craft those mesmerizing backgrounds.

✴️ Following that, Lori will conduct two live painting tutorials: "Love Birds" and "Some Bunny Sweet."

✴️ We'll provide you with all the necessary supply lists for your paintings.

✴️ You'll even receive 11"x14" tracers to simplify the artistic process.

✴️ Join our vibrant online painting community for heaps of creative camaraderie.

✴️ And the icing on the cake – you won't have to rush, as replays will be accessible for a generous six months!


Expect an email in your inbox with all the details, including the link to partake in the live sessions within our exclusive Facebook group. We'll also clue you in on where to find those must-have supply lists and tracers.


Circle your calendar for the Online Paint Party starting on February 20th, and let's embark on this artistic journey together, filled with fun and creativity!


And here's the kicker: All of this artistic delight is yours for a mere $9! What an incredible deal! (A $66 value!)



By the way, if you're a creative business intrigued by the possibility of licensing these captivating designs, shoot us a message at We're all ears! 📧🎨🌟

Online Spring Paint Party!

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